Shaba takes the mobile music quiz to the next level!

Shaba let's you and your friends interact with the whole world in this constantly ongoing music quiz. Shaba let's the player choose from a large variety of arenas that will challenge players all around the world in their musical knowledge, novice to expert. In this free-for-all music quiz you will discover new music from all over the world in a new fun way.

Sign up for a Spotify premium account if you aren't already in the family. As soon as you have your Spotify premium account, you're ready to get going.

Launch Shaba, login in with Spotify credentials, choose an arena and you will get thrown right in the middle of the action. While the songs are being played you and the other players will get randomized questions about the song.

Answer the questions, collect points and badges. Maybe you are the best "music quizer" in the world (or at least in your favourite arena)!? Star the songs you like and listen to them later, maybe you will find a new favorite?

Never let the music stop.

Try it out